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Friday, February 10, 2017

McClintock is no more

McClintock Eyewear is no more. We have changed to The Optical Workshop.

We now specialise in repairs, refurbishment and re-lensing of high quality, hand-made eyewear.

If you have a frame you love that has seen  better days, send it to us and we will make it like new again.

For more information on the services available, please visit The Optical Workshop


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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We’re back!

I’m so sorry for the break in communications, I was hoping to be in touch with good news sooner. In the last year, there has been a new job and a baby boy to throw into the mix. Commuting from Berkshire to London every day seemed less like something I wanted to do.

However, many of you have been contacting me to ask if I can help out with your eyewear needs. To answer that I have opened a little workshop near home and begun a new enterprise “The Optical Workshop”

The Optical Workshop aims to help you get many years of wear out of your frames.  From my tiny workshop I will be happy to repair, refurbish and re-lens your existing eyewear or fit lenses into new frames. I will continue to offer superior quality products and service, just via the internet and mail now.

To see what I am up to, head to my new website, The Optical Workshop!



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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So that’s it… or is it?

We have now closed the store. To those that made it in before the end, well done. To those that missed us, sorry.

So what now? Is that really it? Is it over? Well, not quite. Many of you have told us that you are unhappy to go somewhere else to have your lenses fitted and as for getting them repaired, good luck! This is where we save the day. Though the store has closed for the moment, we will still service your needs by mail if you choose to let us.

A workshop has been set up out-of-town and any re-lensing, repairs or refurbishment to your glasses can be done there. Post them to us and we will get them back to you in the post ASAP!

Stay tuned to the blog for details it the next few days.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Latest Update

Many of you have been asking what the future holds for us. To be honest we have been a bit unsure ourselves. It has become apparent that Covent Garden is no longer the place for us. It is being rapidly changed by the owners into something more akin to South Moulton St. While this is all very nice, it is not really the location for a store that like to specialise in quirky unknown designers that produce hand made product.

With this in mind, we are looking outside of Covent Garden. We are a little unsure of the places we have seen so far. Rents are so high in London that choosing the wrong location can kill a business. We’ve yet to find a location that really sings to us so we have decided to step back and review the situation more objectively.

What does this mean? We’ll we are not going to have a store for the foreseeable future. We will continue to trade online and will be able to service your needs. Repairs, new lenses, special requests for frames, all these can be done remotely and we are more than happy to continue to offer you a service.

We will let you know the details of this in due course but rest assured, we haven’t gone away yet!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

The All New Kirk Originals

Kirk Originals has gone through some transformations lately. New owners, new team and new designs. IDL is an architecture company that specialises in commercial spaces and they recently acquired the 21 year old frame company.



They wasted no time in putting together a new collection to show their intent. While echoing the style of Kirk Originals, they have chosen a more subdued palette. Colours still feature prominently but this time in softer hues than the Kirk Originals of old.


One thing they have been steadfast in though is their desire to hand make the frames in France. When so many other are moving production outside of Europe, they believe there is benefit in keeping traditional factories with centuries of know how alive and active.


Quality is apparent once you pick up and feel this range of spectacles and sunglasses. Italian and French acetates, German hinges and metal work. Frames cut and polished by hands that have had some of the greatest marques through their production lines.


We have a large selection now in store and welcome you to come and see what changes have been made to the collection.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A bit of Rock and Roll comes to McClintock

John Varvatos Conduit St Launch Party 2

On Wednesday night, I was lucky enough to be one of the 800 invited guests that attended the opening of the John Varvatos store on Conduit St. It was a star-studded affair with more rock royalty than you could shake a Gibson Flying V at. Ringo Star, Miles Kane, Paul Weller, Jimmy Page and Iggy Pop all turned up. Jamie Reynold from Klaxons was the DJ for the evening and The Hives gave a live set to round off the night. Not too shabby for a Wednesday after work night.

The Hives arrive at John Varvatos Conduit St. 1

All this was to celebrate the launch of his new store on Conduit St. but it also coincides with the launch of the John Varvatos Eyewear collection. I am very excited to say that we are one of the first stockists of the collection in London.


John Varvatos launched his clothing label in 2000 after 17 years of working for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.  From the outset, music was the muse for John’s work. He grew up in Detroit, a city that has provided the soundtrack to at least three generations of teenagers in its history, from Motown to The Stooges to the White Stripes. His Bowery store in New York is the building that once housed CBGB, a place that epitomises American punk and New Wave. References to music, and in particular rock, can be found throughout his clothing and accessories.

John Varvatos V795BLA54

The eyewear collection is no different. With nods to guitar heroes, lizard kings and maybe a little Stonehenge, the shorthand is rock to the core. Like a 1959 Stratocaster, no compromise was made on the materials used. They are hand made in Fukui Japan and like the classic Strat, the combination of different materials makes the whole a thing of beauty. Japanese acetate (naturally), stainless steel hardware and pewter trims create pieces of eyewear more multi layered than Dark Side of the Moon.

John Varvatos V361RED53

We have optical frames and sunglasses in stock right now. Buy a pair and release your inner Gene Simmons, you owe it to yourself. #peacerocks

Jhn Varvatos V792GUN59

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vintage Kirk Originals. Very rare pieces now in store.

It is over twenty years since Kirk Originals emerged as a brand. What started as a business selling old stock frames, evolved into one of the most exciting brands in Europe. These days they are hand made in France but there was a time when they were made in England. Clacton on Sea to be exact. The frames below are from those early days. I managed to get hold of some of the very earliest collections and have given them a clean up, put some new lenses in so they comply with modern legislation and can now make them available to you.
Please don’t ask if we have that colour or this colour, these are seriously limited. If you like the ones pictured or come and see them in store, don’t hang about as I will never be able to get them again, that is for sure.






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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Sale Now On.

So, presents all bought and wrapped? Ready to treat yourself now? Well in our last big bit of news of the year, we wanted to let you know that our sale will start today, Saturday 21st of December.

We have 50% off all sale stock including all Michel Henau, all Paulino Spectacles, all YMCvMcGinn, all Paul Smith and many more.



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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Small Business Saturday Special Event

Small business Saturday

On the 7th of December it’s Small business Saturday. An initiative to encourage folk to give small businesses a chance to show them what they can offer over the bigger boys.

To celebrate, we are having a special day in the store. We’ll have mulled wine and mince pies so pop in for a treat and while you’re here we’ll give your glasses a service. That’s not all though…

For one day only, we are giving you the opportunity to have standard lenses at half price!

Melanie will be on hand to give you an eye test if needed. To book an appointment, call 02072405055 or email hello@mcclintock-eyewear.co.uk or via Facebook.

T&Cs; Offer only valid if purchased on 7th of December 2013. Standard lenses usually £99.00. If anything other than standard lenses are required then the total amount due will be reduced by half the cost of standard lenses. Standard lenses are single vision, 1.5 index, anti-reflection and anti scratch coated from our prefered supplier.

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