• About Séamus

    Originally from Northern Ireland, I came to England seventeen years ago. My first proper job was in an opticians and I have never left the industry since (apart from one month at a bespoke shirt makers). I have sixteen years experience of the eyewear industry and have a passion for handmade spectacles and sunglasses with an eye on innovation in design.

  • Latest Update

    Sunday, February 15, 2015

    Many of you have been asking what the future holds for us. To be honest we have been a bit unsure ourselves. It has become apparent that Covent Garden is no longer the place for us. It is being rapidly changed by the owners into something more akin to South Moulton St. While this is all very nice, it is not really the location for a store that like to specialise in quirky unknown designers that produce hand made product.

    With this in mind, we are looking outside of Covent Garden. We are a little unsure of the places we have seen so far. Rents are so high in London that choosing the wrong location can kill a business. We’ve yet to find a location that really sings to us so we have decided to step back and review the situation more objectively.

    What does this mean? We’ll we are not going to have a store for the foreseeable future. We will continue to trade online and will be able to service your needs. Repairs, new lenses, special requests for frames, all these can be done remotely and we are more than happy to continue to offer you a service.

    We will let you know the details of this in due course but rest assured, we haven’t gone away yet!

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