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    Originally from Northern Ireland, I came to England seventeen years ago. My first proper job was in an opticians and I have never left the industry since (apart from one month at a bespoke shirt makers). I have sixteen years experience of the eyewear industry and have a passion for handmade spectacles and sunglasses with an eye on innovation in design.

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    Friday, May 11, 2012

    The return of a classic. Oliver Peoples O’Malley.


    Larry Leight is the founder and chief designer of Oliver Peoples. After more than twenty years of heading the company, he found himself exploring his back catalogue of frames. Encouraged by family, friends and loyal customers, he decided to revisit some of the styles that defined his brand and that made it such a sucessful company. He was convinced that interest in these frames would be as strong now as it was twenty years ago and he decided to put some of them back into production.



    Chief of these was the O’Malley. Styled after a pair worn by L.A. Dodgers president, Peter O’Malley (Oliver Peoples is an L.A. company), they are one of the most recognisable frames in Oliver Peoples’ history. Larry decided to go back to the same factory to make the frames as  had made them originally. A small Japanese operation that Oliver Peoples quickly outgrew but for this strictly limited edition run, they were just the right size and had the tooling from the original run.



    There are four colours in both the optical and the sunglasses and they are very limited in numbers. They come with a very special case that is also a copy of the originals from 1988. If you want to own a piece of history, you’d better do so soon as I will not be able to repeat the order!

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    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    Vintage 80’s eyewear now at McClintock

    A little while ago, I was presented with an opportunity to purchase some vintage 80’s frames. I was immediately drawn to them which surprised me as these are exactly the frames I was trying to prise people out of when I first started in this industry. Back then, I found them dated and old fashioned. Amazing what 18 years will do to your perception of style.

    Suddenly I find these frames exquisite. The designers spent a very long time bringing beauty to their frames. They disguised the ordinary with detail and decoration. A result of the fact that back in those days, spectacle designers nearly always came from a jewellery background.

    Add to that, the bold, confident shapes of the time and the result is true glamour which disappeared in the minimalist ’00s when the detailing found on these frames was thought to be overly fussy and unnecessary.

    We have a huge selection for you to see in the store and we can add your prescription, tinted lenses for sunglasses or we can supply them with non-prescription clear lenses if you are looking to complete your look with a pair of stand out specs.

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