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    Originally from Northern Ireland, I came to England seventeen years ago. My first proper job was in an opticians and I have never left the industry since (apart from one month at a bespoke shirt makers). I have sixteen years experience of the eyewear industry and have a passion for handmade spectacles and sunglasses with an eye on innovation in design.

  • Cinderella goes to the ball after all!

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Tomorrow and Friday I will be in Paris for the annual Silmo Optical trade show. I am sure to bring back many delights but it does mean that we will have to close on Friday. Open tomorrow as usual and back to normal on Saturday.

    This year it is a very short trip to Paris and strictly business. Last year I mentioned that the show had moved it’s location to Villepinte which is next to Charles de Gaulle airport. Getting in and out of central Paris can take forever so I decided to stay at an airport hotel and dedicate my time there to finding beautiful new things for you!

    There will be two solid days and several millimetres of leather expended on the search for the best in hand made eyewear from small independent producers. Plus ça change!

    Photos and a report will come next week when I have had time to digest everything I see. Till then… À bientôt

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