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    Originally from Northern Ireland, I came to England seventeen years ago. My first proper job was in an opticians and I have never left the industry since (apart from one month at a bespoke shirt makers). I have sixteen years experience of the eyewear industry and have a passion for handmade spectacles and sunglasses with an eye on innovation in design.

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    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Cinderella goes to the ball after all!

    Tomorrow and Friday I will be in Paris for the annual Silmo Optical trade show. I am sure to bring back many delights but it does mean that we will have to close on Friday. Open tomorrow as usual and back to normal on Saturday.

    This year it is a very short trip to Paris and strictly business. Last year I mentioned that the show had moved it’s location to Villepinte which is next to Charles de Gaulle airport. Getting in and out of central Paris can take forever so I decided to stay at an airport hotel and dedicate my time there to finding beautiful new things for you!

    There will be two solid days and several millimetres of leather expended on the search for the best in hand made eyewear from small independent producers. Plus ça change!

    Photos and a report will come next week when I have had time to digest everything I see. Till then… À bientôt

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    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    What are others saying about the party?

    Eyewear fan and blogger Rob Moss earned his spurs working at “The Optician” magazine which is a magazine focused on the optical trade for trade professionals. After leaving, he realised what an exciting and fulfilling world the eyewear one that he had left behind was and wanted to get his teeth back into it.

    Following a few drinks at a party we had in April 2010, he decided there and then he would start a blog about eyewear but this time, he would be addressing consumers of eyewear. He also decided that he would focus on the quality end of the industry. His blog has gone from strength to strength and now has many followers and is the place to be seen if you have a brand that is built on passion for eyewear.

    Rob was at our party and he wrote a very nice piece on us here.

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    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Post party round up

    Last night was the launch of Rock Optika and what a night. Tip top DJ Richard Dennet kept things lively and a set by Hasting’s finest bluesman Dr. Savage was the crowing glory. Thanks to all who came down and there were a lot of you. I’ll be adding photo’s over the next few days to the flickr account but there are some up there already for you to see. Looking forward to our next party already!

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    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Rock Optika does it again, this time on Eyestylist.com

    Clodagh Norton from the Eyestylist recently interviewed Tom Herrington about his excellent new collection; Rock Optika, the launch party of which we just happen to be hosting tomorrow (I am sure I have mentioned this on at least one occasion).

    Read her review of the brand here..





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    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    More on Rock Optika…

    I knew these were good but so it seems do the optical press. Click the link below to see what The Spectacles Showcase had to say about them. I am really looking forward to the party, especially as so many of you seem to be coming. Two weeks to go!

    The Spectacle Showcase feature on Rock Optika

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